To The Start Of Something New.

Good Morning All!

Thank you all for popping in to see what its all about!

Well, lets not waste time here! Let me ask you, have you ever thought about your future? What maybe you would or would not want to do or turn into? Maybe you didn’t think about it too much while you were in school or even currently until you find yourself lost in your head or witness someone else going through what you thought would never happen to you; oh no, not you!

I can honestly only go off of what the female’s brain can conspire up but, I can also imagine what goes on in a males brain! Although, maybe in some sort of way, I can also under stand a male that is homosexual and it doesn’t all fall on hormones and gender? Do you ever really take the time to understand hormones, gender, sexuality or even religion, beliefs or plainly humanity in itself if it isn’t just involving you?

No, by any means is this going to fall into whats right or whats wrong, politics or religion nor even society in a whole. This is about me and me alone. Well my husband and kids probably could fall into this blog too, only because they’re riding through this cycle with me without even knowing it. After all, they don’t know anymore than me. What I mean about that is, what more do you actually see than whats on the outside? Seriously, you can only see what your eyes allow and believe me, unless its all cut open, you’re not going to truly see whats inside, medically. 🙂

We are all beautiful inside and out. Whether you are a terribly, horrible person or a magnificently, wonderful person. Why? We all bleed red, we all pump blue and we all are pink inside. I don’t care what your eyes can see on the outside. You’re all the same aside of what our eyes can see. Oh! And again, not about race either!

A few things in life are always going to inevitable. Example, we all know in order to live, you have to be born. In order to be born, you have to come from a womb. In order to have life created, sperm and egg need to be viable. Some babies come cesarean section or vaginal and some are never born alive. Some babies get stuck in a Fallopian tube and some come from a tube. While that’s able to be explained, how can you explain the words, “Infertility”, “Anovulation” or “Endometriosis/Endometrium”? While those words seem to be common in the reproductive world, tell me, have you heard these; “Amenorrhea”, “Premature Ovarian Failure” or “Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome”?

When you go into an MRI and have tumors, cancerous or not, they light up like a white Christmas tree. When you have an ultrasound cystic ovaries look like a bunch of black holes. This is what I saw when I had thought that I was going to be looking at an embryo growing.

I am no doctor, I am unable to diagnose, although I am a nurse and can treat and help heal, I cannot tell you what is wrong with you. What I am also able to do, is tell you my struggles in hopes that it wont only motivate me to do better, but maybe someone somewhere will be able to know, understand, treat and have hope.

I, Devin L. Wiggins, have been diagnosed with Amenorrhea due to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, April of 2016. Here is my story, here are my flaws, fears and failures.

In my next few blogs, I will go into detail both personally and medically on what exactly is going on, what to expect, what it means and what my future could or could not withstand. You may be reading this and thinking “really, I read all that to get this crap?” Or, ” I have no idea what that even is or means, sounds dumb.” But let me tell you. Nearly every single woman has or did have cysts. These cysts can go away, take your fertility and/or create a monster to grow inside of you in which doesn’t create life, but takes your life in a wave of chemotherapy, hysterectomy, sickness and death. You ready for the cold hard truth? Or are you ready to turn and forget you ever even heard about this?



I know most people trust in a different company but honestly, I cant afford them… I do believe in oils mainly because its worked for me. Here is what I’ve used and its helped me mainly in relaxation. Click on the highlighted “aromatherapy” link to get to this product.

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