Second Opinions

So.. I did it. But, what exactly did I do??

It’s been awhile since my last blog and I apologize. I was giving you a moment to catch up through the many written blogs and share!

Short and sweet…

The days are still cruising by but today was a different day. I got serious a couple weeks ago about my health and my road to weight loss which will be in a different blog. There are so many different diets and such that may either effect or benefit you with PCOS. Once I started I knew eventually I would fail; and I did. On to starting over.

So you may be asking, what is this second opinion all about? No, I do know for certain I have PCOS. My second opinion is asking how infertile am I?

Do I have no chance of having another child without shots in my butt or sperm manually inserted into my uterus or better yet, my egg taken from me to be injected with my husband semen?

Honestly, if that’s the case, I will be more than content with what I have now and no longer beg the drs to help me. That would be my indication that I am no longer supposed to give life to anymore children of my own.

This is absolutely nothing against women who strive to achieve these steps because I give you an overload of support and envy! I just know I don’t have the finances to do that and my attitude is already shot with the mismatched hormones I’ve got now! My husband on the other hand, would beg me to do such procedures.

Today, I broke down and called an actual Infertility Specialist since my OBGYN stated I only have 1 round of Clomid left that she will allow because it puts me at high risk of breast cancer. Well, so does IVF. When she told me she thought I should at least speak to a specialist, my heart went a little more cold inside. What changed it all, was when I told my husband that I had finally made the appointment for a couple of months from now. He got so excited I could see the tears welt in his eyes!! That right there, made me rethink my belief of IVF…

What would be more important to you? The life you created to share with your loved ones, or the financial aspect of accepting the things you cannot change?

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