To do or not to do… That’s the question.

PCOS & Keto / Low Carb – Benefit or Trigger?

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First off, most woman with PCOS have triggered Insulin Resistance (IR). What is this? IR is where the body’s cells become resistant to insulin; just as it sounds. Now the technicality of it all… Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas.  With Insulin Resistance, the pancreas produces an overload of insulin until it basically tires out of trying to keep up. This causes the blood sugars to rise making you at high risk of diabetes and heart disease. In lower terms, your pancreas is out of control and constantly producing more insulin. When you deplete yourself of glucose, the body doesn’t feel the need to produce insulin which will slow down your already over active pancreas.

Example:Insulin controls the level of glucose in blood. Insulin has this effect on the cells by binding to insulin receptors on the surface of the cells. You can think of it as insulin “knocking on the doors” of muscle and fat cells. The cells hear the knock, open up, and let glucose in to be used. With insulin resistance, the muscles don’t hear the knock (they are resistant). So, the pancreas is notified it needs to make more insulin, which increases the level of insulin in the blood and causes a louder knock… Initially, this happens after meals – when glucose levels are at their highest and more insulin is needed.”


Simple enough, right? So, which one do you think would be more accurate of an approach to take; low carb or Keto diet?

TO DO OR NOT TO DO is the question. Since my labs are already borderline diabetic, what will Keto do to my cholesterol? I get it wont spike my blood sugars, but the fast will clog up my already poisoned arteries. Will it increase my hair loss, oiled skin and hair and the acne? We have always been told that fats are bad for you. Sugars are bad, caffeine is bad, carbs are bad, everything we consume is bad. Where is the happy medium here? To be obsessed with everything we eat? Ugh, I’m to fat for that.

Now with Keto, you do lose pounds. So, do you think it would be beneficial to lose the pounds, risking high cholesterol which results in high blood pressure issues and then after you lose the weight, fix your cholesterol? Is there a happy medium?

With low carb, I don’t feel like the pounds will come off as fast and that its easy to lose track of how your progress is. I feel as though it would be easy to fall off the wagon. Really, I feel like I would continue to fall off the wagon. I wish there was a magic pill…


Let me know in the comments if either has worked for you, helped your PCOS symptoms or any other health related symptoms you may be dealing with. How do you keep yourself motivated and what do you do to get your mind right?


** I talk a lot about self-esteem and why, but I don’t do anything about it… I don’t make the sacrifices to lose the extra weight and I don’t do anything to prevent more weight gain. It could be because I feel so bad about myself that I get depressed and binge eat or get so lazy that I don’t get up and move… So, I am no longer giving myself the benefit to feel bad for myself. It’s my fault that I’m infertile. It’s not God’s fault, it’s not the Doctors fault and it certainly isn’t my family’s fault either. What am I doing to finally stop the cycle? Keto/Low Carb and increase exercise. I’m tired of putting myself down for my own mistakes. I’m tired of watching my kids love up on babies and ask for a sibling and I’m tired of watching my husband glow when he holds a new baby that isn’t ours.

Although this is supposed to be the starting point, where is the starting point? Yep I got it, throughout the junk food, get off your ass, drink more water and watch your portions. HA! I could laugh for days! I have 4 little ones who love their snacks, eat lots and multiple times a day AND a hubby whom loves his fast food. I have 4 little ones to tote around after work and as much as they need the exercise too, I have zero energy. That’s probably why I don’t have any energy, I eat so badly that it doesn’t give me any! So that’s where I have started, my diet. More veggies, less carbs. I can do it, I have the support and the motivation, just not the mindset. I see McKenzie from Teen Mom 2 and think, she’s got diabetes, 3 kids and a full-time job. Why can’t I keep up my motivation like she does? She takes her kids out in strollers for 3+ mile walks even at night, what’s your excuse? You’re too tired? As a matter of fact, yes.  I am Mrs. Lazy Bones. I get way too excited to crawl up in bed and pass out… Speaking of that… Goodnight! ❤


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