Four months plus one? What does that even mean?


Well, I have successfully failed 3 months of Femara. I failed them because I didn’t conceive. And plus one? That is because we are currently on our first cycle of the trigger shot. Whats the trigger shot? This shot is filled with HCG. It is used to help your eggs complete the maturity stage and force ovulation. The brand we used was Orvidel 250 mcg. It is a shot that you place in your stomach or love handle region based on where your physician is asking you to place it. The tricky thing is, it will give you false positives for 6 – 14 days after the trigger shot is given (I was on day 9 past trigger and still got a positive test). I will be posting in a different blog how my side effects were with both Femara and the trigger shot.

I failed at the first round of trigger with femara… Although my doctor told me my temp chart was the most ideal chart. The kind of chart that they want to use to teach other students whom are learning about infertility. As much as I should be proud of that, I still hurts. 

Having to go this far as is, is really hard to digest. I was able to conceive a child on my own without the help of chemicals within 6 months… Its been 3.5 years. AKA, secondary infertility. My husband was a one hit wonder with the bio-mom of our other children! So… WTF is wrong with us NOW?

Lately, I have been hearing and reading a lot of people stating God wouldn’t want you to have a baby if you can’t have them naturally… With that, I beg to differ. Do you think God wants to give life to a baby strung out on meth or alcohol? What about when a child is born with their heart or even brain outside of their bodies? Is that God telling us that baby should have never been born? Absolutely NOT! This is why God created physicians. Here is the latest memo I’ve seen… 


You may be reading this thinking the complete opposite than me and that’s okay. What matters is that we both are understanding the situation. I can understand is how easy some woman have it to conceive. I, myself, found it easy with my oldest son. But what no one will understand unless you’re going through it is, infertility. Its just like cancer. You will never know what someone is feeling, thinking or wishing unless that person is you. Although, how can you tell me you won’t love a child even more when you had to put in the work, feel the hurt and see the thankfulness when the child you have been waiting, praying and wishing for is finally in your arms? Exactly, that is a very cherished love.




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