Organization with a loose cannon

Are you an organized person? Do you take your routine or schedules seriously?

Well, I try… I’m not to great at it just yet, but I am working on it! I recently downloaded an organization app, well, a few actually… Unfortunately, I have not found a single app that hits all the criteria that I am needing to have organization! One helps me keep track of my cycles. One helps regulate my medications for day and time of needing to take them with a handy-dandy reminder! Others help me set time limits for bed times for me and my kids as well as appointment and school activity reminders; and who can forget the lovely little alarm clocks! I have an organizer for what household things need to be done and when, and while I actually write this out… I realized I should have just bought a planner. 🙂

What are your tips and tricks to being more organized?

You may be wondering what this has to do with PCOS. Well, in simple terms, my anxiety is already heightened thanks to my hormones. When you’re already trying to figure out your life with infertility drugs and judge mental people, you search for ways to make life be more simplified while making yourself look like you got life under control. I’d be lying if I said that’s how I portray myself. I’m a mess inside and out; visibly.

While the world still goes around while your world is seeming to fall apart, I can’t help wonder why so many people around me tell me I should probably look into an anxiety medication. I have recently been called a loose cannon. In all honestly, I’m starting to really see it now too.

with being in multiple different places at one time and only being one person, we have had to slow down on some activities. Sometimes that’s what needs to happen for you to get a peace of mind. Some things we’ve slowed down on, is how much time we’ve spent on social media. If you haven’t noticed, its been a minute since my last blog post.

The time I spend on social media, scrolling through other peoples lives or fighting on a post, is time spent getting a grip on your mental health. The time spent in bed scrolling, double tapping or watching videos, is time spent asleep. Its time spent snuggled up with your kids, hunny and even your pets. Dont get me wrong, I used to snuggle them while scrolling, but why? Whats the point… You’re watching other peoples lives instead of remembering your own.

Posting on social mediaI usually love to post my kids achievements, meme’s and quotes. What I have recently came to understand is, no one cares. If they did, wouldn’t they have been there for those achievements? They could have face timed, called or even texted you to see how it went. Every photo shared of what your life is like, is someone else rolling their eyes. I recently came across someone who chose to share to me that I am obsessed with my infertility journey. Maybe thats true… I’ll cover that in a different blog. So I looked through my page and I’ve averaged posting once every two months. Out of at least 20 other posts, I guess I can classify myself as obsessed. *eye roll* I took it into consideration though and chose to make it a priority to stay off social media. (blogging is a whole other story)

I have calmed down on after work & school activities. Do you really need to go out to dinner every other day? Uh, no. Make the time to cook a meal with your kids or significant other. We have been creating a bad habit of going to grab fast food the last couple weeks. Why not have that be time well spent with each other while teaching them a basic life skill.

Another scenario, your child is 6 years old, sibling is 4, why in the world do they need to be in every single sport? Soccer, football, t-ball and dance? umm, calm it down parents.. They still have a couple more years before it actually matters. Play ball with them at home if you’re worried about them not getting the hang of it by then… They need your time instead of being pressured to play harder and better than other kids. Just my point of view.  I have 4 little ones now, all under the age of 8. I’d have even more anxiety than I do now… I know that time is coming soon but one kid at a time is more worth it and being able to spend that time cheering them on instead of wondering how in the world you’re going to get to all games on the same day.

Point of my opinion is, calm down. Try to find the beauty in life and live instead of rushing through making sure every single person has more memories than you have. Sometimes its better to look at yourself. NO ONE can be where they are now, if it wasn’t for you. Your family needs you more than they need activities and shares. ❤

Until the next blog, keep your chin up! You got this.


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