Infertility; my words.

*This is not intended for the tender heart, this is real emotion being laid out and vulgar. If this is not what you want to read, don't read it. If you think it's too vulgar, turn your eyes. This is mine. These are my feelings and thoughts. Mine alone. In my words. Fuck you. Fuck... Continue Reading →

A Provera Repugnancy

Hey lovely people! With some thought I thought it would be good to take this month to show you step by step what I have to do to "attempt" to have a baby thus far... And maybe with some hopes and prayers from you, this could be my month! I have started a Vlog as well. Each... Continue Reading →


So, tell me, what are you entitled to? Maybe the children you have? Your paychecks? Healthcare, alimony, cars, homes? What about laughter, sadness, happiness? We all are entitled to most of those if not more, right? Well, maybe... As the days go by, I find myself being lost... Wondering what on earth am I really... Continue Reading →

What Is It Again?

So, if you have been keeping tabs on my blog, you have kind of  figured out that I am suffering with a from of infertility. I have been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, (PCOS). Now what is PCOS? It is a diagnosis of many small, fluid-filled sacs that grow inside the ovaries. These sacs are actually containing... Continue Reading →

Done Yet?

Yep! I'm done hearing about your opinions! 🤬 (This is inspired by a few Facebook posts I have seen throughout the last few days... ) I know many moms and dads hear "when are you having kids?", "why haven't you had kids yet", "when's the next one?" Or better yet "don't you think you have... Continue Reading →

An Unkindred Spirit.

Here it is, your future. An elaboration of what on earth is not intended or expected to challenge your beliefs, encouragements or even your excitement; but it does. As a little girl playing with dolls and Barbies, you created a fictional family; mom, dad, brothers, sisters and extended family and friends, gathered with a story... Continue Reading →

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