Four months plus one? What does that even mean?   Well, I have successfully failed 3 months of Femara. I failed them because I didn't conceive. And plus one? That is because we are currently on our first cycle of the trigger shot. Whats the trigger shot? This shot is filled with HCG. It is... Continue Reading →

Feeling of Failure

As the days go by, I feel as though I am one step closer to giving life to a child and one step closer to giving up entirely. If it wasn't for my husband, I would have done given into my failures a long time ago.. Today is the last day of my first round... Continue Reading →

New Adventure Awaits!

Sooo... We Did It... Oh wait, What did we do? 😀   Now that the cliff hanger is out there... I suppose I should tell you that we are looking deeply into our options since Clomid did not work for us. While EVERYONE'S judgments on how may kids we should have is still heavy on... Continue Reading →

Second Opinions

So.. I did it. But, what exactly did I do?? It's been awhile since my last blog and I apologize. I was giving you a moment to catch up through the many written blogs and share! Short and sweet... The days are still cruising by but today was a different day. I got serious a... Continue Reading →

Infertility; my words.

*This is not intended for the tender heart, this is real emotion being laid out and vulgar. If this is not what you want to read, don't read it. If you think it's too vulgar, turn your eyes. This is mine. These are my feelings and thoughts. Mine alone. In my words. Fuck you. Fuck... Continue Reading →

A Provera Repugnancy

Hey lovely people! With some thought I thought it would be good to take this month to show you step by step what I have to do to "attempt" to have a baby thus far... And maybe with some hopes and prayers from you, this could be my month! I have started a Vlog as well. Each... Continue Reading →

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